Udor pump warranty issues

This is just a PSA to anyone currently running or thinking of running Udor pumps on their machines. I got 1400 hours out of my last 8gpm udor with 4ft of 1.5" feed house and a banjo 80 mesh filter in the middle.
I bought a brand new pump and within a week it’s cavitating and has water in the oil. Udor is fighting me on replacing it because according to them an 80 mesh filter is far too restrictive, 20-30 is the max, and all 7gpm+ pumps are supposed to be dual fed by two 3/4" lines. Because of these 2 things they are claiming I was restricting the flow to the pump which caused the seals to fail.

Dual feeding is a waste…1” feed is plenty. I’ve used 80 mesh for years, no issues. Not sure what they’re talking about.

Same here. No clue.

@ImpeccableCleaning Udor has this printed in their installation instructions, and this is a good reminder to everyone. Over 7 GPM pumps require both inlet ports to be used and using a ball valve instead of a “trigger spray gun” will also void the warranty. 5-7 GPM machines require a minimum of 1" supply lines, 8-19 GPM pumps require a minimum of 1.25" inlet size. I wouldn’t say dual feeding is a waste, if you are going to spend a grand on the best pump made, then why wouldn’t you follow the installation instructions?

If that’s what they’re asking, I guess do it for warranty. I bet you majorly of pumps are not dual fed…that’s my guess, maybe I’m wrong. Anyone here that is dual feeding?I’ve known guys run those pumps forever on 1” single feed, no issues….but yeah see your point on warranty.

got a pic of your pumps setup?

Reason they put all that crap in their warranty because they know, probably not one in a hundred do all of that.

BCE did a study on the GP and did find that at 10gpm or more needed to use dual feed because on far side of pump wasn’t getting enough flow to prevent some cavitation.

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I could see possibly the 10 gpm needing it, but 7 & 8 seems overkill to me. I know several guys that have a 10 and they don’t dual feed…we’ll see how long the pumps last.

Talk to Randy, When I had an issue he was very helpful

I don’t dual feed and Udor has replaced pumps for me. One had over 4k hours and the housing cracked. They gave me a new one and rebuilt and returned the old one. You either have to know someone at udor or have a great vendor supporting the sale. I have both.

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