Udor Pump Search

I’m in the market for a 8gpm skid and have read that udor is the best pump money can buy. However I’m having a hard time finding a vendor that offers a skid with an udor. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You’ll continue to find vendors that don’t put udors on engines. You have to build it yourself or go through a custom machine builder.

@Innocentbystander MVP in NC makes the bombproof units like I got right?


There it is!

The skid is all welded steel. The skid will be around for your kid’s kids. Udor pumps.

Yes. Yes indeed. Pretty much makes anything else a toy

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Thank you Sir. Figured you guys could get me headed down the right path

That’s what I’m ordering when it’s time. Hopefully they ship.

Have any of you guys ever bought the pump and placed it on your own motor? I’ve always ran direct drive so I have zero experience with belt driven setup.

Get a gear drive then. Same concept except there’s a “transmission” between the pump and the engine. I’m going to switch to only gear drives moving forward. No belts and pulleys to fungle with and takes up less space.


What @squidskc said! I built mine with an 8gpm 3k psi udor gear driven. Took me 5 minutes to mount it and have it running! And it’s a beast!

Yep I just went back and looked at your build @SchertzServicesLLC. That’s the exact setup I’m looking to have. I didn’t realize you could do this. This forum is such a gold mine for me. Where did you order your gear drive if you don’t mind me asking?

Also off subject but is my name still showing up as a bunch of numbers? I can not figure out how to change this for the life of me.


Ya it is. Try logging out then back in. It happened to me once.

Dultmeier is the least expensive I’ve found for udors.

Ten four. Thanks for the help everyone.