U Do Soft Wash?

now bystander your old school do you do Soft Wash a house.
in these parts West Tenn its mostty Pressure Washing.
Get the dirt, grit off the house.
not alot of advertise Soft Wash.
I was told Soft Wash wants to clean it and come back next year clean it again cause it will need it…
A Florida thang…

I get my new long range adjustable wand I’m going to soft wash my house…
I finally found some Sodium Hydroxide got some Elemanotor
gonna see what this soft wash is about
I like Racers video he makes it look pretty easy and quick

Don’t use sodium hydroxide


Thought you bought it buy the Drum 55gallons

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What do you buy by the drum?

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I buy a lot of stuff by the drum. Hydroxide is for stripping wood, not washing houses


Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) is what you’re thinking of.


If you are downstreaming, you are already softwashing. Softwashing means to put the chemical (bleach and surfactant) on the house at low pressure, and rinse with low pressure. Isn’t this what you have been doing?

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no im pressure washing with pressure just how I have always done it… bought 10 gallons of Hydroxide from Largo… I called her they don’t sell the hypochiiorite she gonna check on it
im gong checking this soft wash out… I got a BIG JOB today big house and driveway pool…
soft washing that house sure would be faster…
waiting on my new nozzle and the ST-601 gun I bought

For sure don’t use the Sodium Hydroxide on it.


@Fatdaddy your starting to worry me with these posts. . You been on here awhile and these questions are troublesome…

Did your account get hacked or is there two fatdaddys here now haha


He keeps me confused lol. I talked to him while driving and got lost on the way home because I was so befuddled .


guys I’m in a small town things don’t get her as quick
I been reading about soft wash for awhile but just never done it.
that’s why im asking questions and checking into it

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Safe cash on chemicals. 3500 psi and the white tip will get it clean

I’m not familiar with the ST-601… what was the reason for buying it? Did someone recommend it?

If you want to softwash you need a downstream injector:


Call Bob (or ask IB or racer or someone) and ask which GPM he recommends for your machine, generally people use a GPM rated lower than their machine so that more soap will be pulled.

Go to the pool section of walmart and buy chlorinating liquid, which is 10% Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach).

They sell it in packs of two for even cheaper: This is the strongest you will find it outside of a pool store or a chemical distributor. If your walmart doesn’t have it, get 8.25% bleach off the shelf (check the label). You can get 12.5% from a chemical supplier, or maybe a pool store, but you usually have to buy it in bulk. If you decide to keep softwashing, you will probably want to start getting it in bulk, especially if you start doing roofs.

Put two gallons of bleach, 3 gallons of water, and 4-5 oz. of soap (elemonator) in a five gallon bucket. You can adjust the bleach up if needed, but that is a general starting point.

I’m assuming you will be using the M5DS, so drop your injector tube into the 5 gallon bucket and soap the house. Then pull the tube, drop it in your water tank, and rinse the house. You can get fancy by buying one of these three way valves, so instead of pulling the tube out each time, you just flip the valve.


If you want to get even fancier, you can hook up a remote control so that you can change the source without walking back to the truck.

That’s downstreaming with a M5DS.

Downstreaming with a jrod is slightly different, but i’ll leave that out for now since you are going to use a M5DS. Let me know if you want me to explain it, or if you have any other questions.


The 601 is a straight gun some guys use on surface cleaners. Can’t really wash houses with it.

Why not I like the straight shot pull the trigger and your on…
I already got the downstream injector…
Tks Shark I’m getting there just a tad slow for a old man…

No one uses them to wash houses with. There’s probably a reason for that. I’ve never used one, but i assume it’s because it is more awkward than washing with a normal gun.

may not but I like the easy with the short long range valve…
gonna try it anyway. $27 wont break me

^^That’s just cruel^^


NOBODY IN my town sells the Sodium Hypochlorite i called the 3 chemicals companys listed.
Even Largo who makes pressure washers 50 miles away don’t sell it
They sell sodium hydroxide, i told her ever who you buy that from u know sells Hypochlorite she said she would check??