Types of jobs


What types of jobs do you guys with just a mobile water tank and 3400psi power washer go after? I’m looking to go after different types of jobs. Maybe something outside the box even. Thanks!


Machinery/vehicles that are working away from a water supply. Like when they build new roads/highways and the excavation equipment gets mucked up or the cabins the site workers stay in get returned to the hire place. Wash them :slight_smile:

Bus shelters and bus stops - if you have them there.


How big is your tank?

We use tanks as a buffer for the water supply coming off the houses/buildings, not so much as a remote water source


@DoubleH, 120 gallons. Not huge but I can get a lot done with that amount of water. Plus if there is a fairly near water source I can do even more. Any ideas what types of jobs I could go after?


@Jet-Away, good ideas. Thanks!


I’m assuming it’s a 3 gpm machine or 3.5 gpm machine? That’s only 34 to 40 minutes of water.


Residential driveways and sidewalks, parking lots with curb stops and landscaping “islands” with curbs, gutters and facia boards on residential, community center, etc. Drop a card everywhere you can, every pressure washing job I’ve gotten so far has been from walking in and asking someone if they need it. Just keep hustling.


Commercial chicken coops


Distribution Transformers… can likely charge a pretty penny and get them done lighting quick. 120 gal should go a long way with those.


120 gallons? You will be disappointed my friend. As a buffer cool…but a mobile set up?


Donut, do you have any experience going after distribution transformers? Companies to go after? Pricing? ETc. Thanks for your help!


Like welding, i have no knowledge with electricity. After PMs from a few different people, i guess i need to say i was not serious about cleaning transformers. They are dealing with HIGH VOLTAGE electricity, why would you want to clean one??? Maybe im wrong and they are completely safe, but i dont even spray light fixtures.

My apologies for a joke that its seems some could potentially die from, i guess??? @SchertzServicesLLC would be happy to run you through the technical stuff so nobody kills themselves or sets a whole neighborhood on fire.


Oh man… yea let’s not wash transformers! It was a joke.

Honestly if you are wanting to do remote work with a tank you will need 3-4 times that amount of water to get a job worth while. My wife just blew through 2x your buffer standing in the shower! Not to knock you! Just a fact that even with a low gpm machine you will be limited on time.

You could maybe wash a decretive small statue or possibly an entrance sign to a housing complex with that little of water.

I had a 200 gallon buffer tank and never did any jobs needing remote water without pulling a trailer of tanks.


@SchertzServicesLLC…I read this and thought next time I see a used 20ft heavy duty trailer I could make a serious water hauler…lol…next project