Two Trailers at One time. Glad this is over

Hi everyone,

Thought I would post a few pic’s of two different builds I had going on at the same time.

I started off with ordering a trailer form a small father/son fabricator in Orlando and because of COVID they were having a hard time getting the axels delivered. Knowing I had a delay on the trailer I decided to build out a small 5x8 enclosed trailer I had sitting in the back yard. From drawling to operation in less than two months for the 5x8 and three months for the open trailer.


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That first trailer is useless in my opinion, love the second one though, nicely done :ok_hand::ok_hand:

First trailer looks cool but it seems the tanks in the back are going to be extremely difficult to maintain. How are you supposed to start the engine on the machine?

Second trailer looks great.

Not sure why tanks need to be maintained? If they are supported correctly and not worried about the bulkheads leaking, I just fill the SH tank and go. The are extremely easy to get to but I am a rather skinny dude… lol sure helps in this case.
Unless there is something I’m not thinking about.

The pull cord is easy to get to and start. I’ve welded a bar above the engine and my plans are to extend the pull cord through a pully so there will be no bending over or busting knuckles.

Thanks for the feedback.


lol, Its not the best but had to improvise… I do have to say, dragging that small one around the city sure is easy, er.

More for advertisement ever since the big trailer is completed.

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That all makes sense. If you’ve got it set up in what you think is a logical fashion, that’s all that matters.

The pull cord extension is a smart idea as well.

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Crafted up some covers for the electric reals since I have them upside down. Thought it might help protect the electronics.


Do those electric reels work for you well upside down?

First time with e reels,

Performance wise, I cant imagine they would work any better sitting upright. No problems at all.

I love your build on the little trailer. Nice and tidy. @dcbrock - you see this.

The big trailer, after all the other dollars you spent, kind of lost it for me by not painting to match the other equipment.

One of the disadvantages of the reels upside down is they’re going to be dripping on your trailer and other equipment. You could always get some of the guides for them, then not much difference.

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That’s pretty cool, nice and compact.

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Just put a side door on the little trailor. Then, on the motor and pump, put it on a plate that will slide out like a drawer does.

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I completely understand on the paint. I wanted to paint but my budget was already tapped.

I might strip it down next winter and paint.


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That’s a pretty cool idea. Thanks.

I thought about the side door but I had already put the wrap on.