Two Machines Off of One Supply?

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Sorry guys…I know this has been covered, but the search feature is a no-go for me again, and I can’t remember where to find the last thread I read about this.

I run an 8 gpm machine and a 5.5, but never simultaneously so far. I’m thinking about running both machines this year to speed up production. My question is do you guys think it will risk starving either machine?

My supply is as follows: 225 buffer tank supplying a 1 1/2” hard pipe wyed off to the two machines. The 5.5 is fed off of a single 1” hose from one side of the wye, the other side of the wye goes into a tee, allowing the 8 to be supplied by two 1” hoses (this is per Udor’s instructions…I know I could get away with a single feed, but I don’t wanna, so please don’t let this turn into a single feed vs double feed debate)

I’ve talked to Udor about it, and their answer is always “never feed more than one machine off of one supply line” but I know that’s coming more from a liability standpoint. You guys running 2 machines simultaneously in the real world, what do you think…will it work, or cause problems. (I haven’t tried it yet, I don’t want to wreck anything in the name of experimentation)

Again, I apologize for not heeding my own “use the search function” advice…I would if I could.

Thank you, in advance, for your patience and assistance.

I run two off one tank, but I just stuck another bulkhead fitting into it.

By the way, that’s two 8’s I run off a 275 gal tote.

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Thanks for the info…I REALLY don’t want to tap in a second bulkhead fitting if I can avoid it.

You shouldn’t have any trouble feeding an 8 and a 5.5 as long as you have adequate flow from the buffer. Most of those 225 leg tanks have 2" bungs which is more than enough. How are you planning to plumb it?

It’s already plumbed as described (not sure if my description made much sense…I don’t have any pictures right now, or I’d post one).

Both machines are plumbed into the 1 1/2” pipe already, I’ve just never run both of them at the same time before.

I’m sorry buddy I can’t retain what I read sometimes. The second bulkhead would be best but there are other ways. You can always put in a three way valve at the bulkhead and have each feed line coming off of that and use the third valve for a dump valve. Then just put in a ball valve on each feed line so that you can isolate each machine in case one goes down.

I have trucks plumbed like yours and some with separate bulkheads. No problems with either set up.


We run a 2 inch feed off 1 bulk head to a banjo filter then tee off to 2 1" feed lines that supply 2 5.5gpm machines that run hrs on end with no stopping, it’s a challenge at some places and not at others to keep them feed with water. But no issues on starving machines via fighting for water. but you got a 8, a lil different but not much.

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Ideally you should have 2 bulk heads and treat both systems as seperate units. Although there’s no reason why you can’t feed both off of 1 bulk head provided it’s large enough like @DisplacedTexan said.

Thanks guys…I figured it was ok, but I was paranoid to try out, LOL…I really appreciate all the helpful input!

Jess, You’ll be fine. See attached page. If you’re using flexible hose drops it just a tad, but as you can see from chart a 1.5" pipe coming out will flow 35gpm with just gravity ( green column). Most belt fed pumps suck at least 30psi, if you factor that in, the flow is huge - see yellow column. This is the reason vendors selling these 1.5" upgrade kits for a single machine are full of crap. Scroll around on this page, some good info.


Ha I was hoping to hear this answer! Read that article from pressure washer products I think about how you need 1.5”. I have 1” dedicated bulkhead and no issues.

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Thank you for that, Rick…I really appreciate your help!

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Great information :+1:

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