Turning an Unsatisfied customer to a Satisfied customer. Impossible?

my bad mods, this should be in the residential section!

Hello. I recently did a transmission fluid/grease stain removal job on someone’s concrete driveway. They were on a bit of a tight budget but I agreed to give it my best shot in two hours. I used Easy Clean (Castrol Super Clean?), scrubbed and scrubbed, removed all the surface grease and dark staining, but not everything. There was still deeeeeep set in lighter staining I couldn’t get out. I was satisfied with my method and hard work but the customer still seems unhappy. I am considering returning at no charge with CLR Grease Magnet, or asking if they want to purchase “eatoils bt 200” and I’ll do the labor. I doubt anything is going to work completely on the staining, and just want them to understand that when a stain is that deep set, their concrete driveway is probably never going to look brand new again, and that the residual staining wasn’t a reflection of my work etc.:frowning:

Just spoke with the client, he understands that the stain that remains on the driveway is likely never going to come out completely, and is happy with the job. I said he’s welcome to call me anytime to return if he finds a product he believes will get rid of the staining any better. Phhhew!:wink: