Turbo Nozzle

When is a turbo nozzle necessary? I hear you guy’s talk about them often… I have always steared my self away from them but I’m sure they have a purpose.

Enlighten me!

Brick areas such front steps and foundations are about all i use them for.

And curbs.


Like @Donut stated.

I’m new to PW, but have used a turbo nozzle a few times with my 4200psi machine. It simply blasts the heck out of everything you aim it at, and I’d recommend a face shield and hat, because you’re gonna be wearing all that junk. It’s a heck of a lot faster than flat nozzles and covers a much wider area. Just be careful with it, I managed to ‘edge’ my customer’s lawn along the sidewalk. Probably not a bad thing, just unnerving.

I use a turbo nozzle on a monthly hood vent job at a restaurant. I use a smaller 3gpm PW for that job but the degreaser and turbo nozzle make quick work of restaurant grease.

Other than that…extra dirty brick stairs, some curbs…turbo nozzles have their place but I don’t use them that much. You do have to be careful since its basically a rotating zero degree red tip.

I wouldn’t worry about. A tool to have in a pinch, but I’ve used mine maybe once in past 18 months. Spend the same amount of money and get you an adjustable wand, you’ll use it 20 times as much.

It’s handy for very rough surfaces. If you try to wash them with a wand, all the water is coming from one direction and the high spots leave “shadows” of dirt. The turbo blasts water all over the place, so it does a lot of that work for you.

There is also a an oscillating nozzle that is similar, but only goes back and forth instead of going around in a circle.

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