Turbo nozzle pressure

What are your thoughts on turbo nozzles? Should they always be bought with the orifice that will put out the most pressure your machine will allow you to? Or is there a sweet spot that you wanna be in for these bad boys? I know you only wanna use them for higher pressure type stuff but as you all know sometimes too high if pressure is bad, even for concrete and stone. I was gonna get a 4500 psi roto jet turbo nozzle but was gonna get a size 4 orifice to run it around 4000 psi. But then I thought it might be better to run it at around 3000 … thoughts ?

imo the biggest difference between the different turbo nozzles is thier pattern that they lay down. Some are wider while some stay more narrow if that makes sense. I mostly use my turbo for cleaning small areas of concrete and treat it like a mini surface cleaner so I like a nice wide pattern.

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What about pressure tho ? What’re you finding is the best all around pressure for that TN ? As high as you can get it or in the midrange ?

Your pressure is ductated by the max pressure of your machine. Match the nozzle to your pump

@Innocentbystander so if I got a 4000 psi machine I need to get the orifice that runs the turbo nozzle at 4000 ? I just thought that 4000 was a lot and should maybe go lighter. But I guess that’s what the turbo nozzle is for right ? Lol

I have a 8/3500 machine and I have a turbo that puts out 2500, does everything I need it to and have had no issues with it. Just for reference

We use MTM Hydro around 40 bucks and rebuild kits are cheap last just along as the high dollar ones rated for 4000 psi and lay down a good pattern if u have a 4 gpm I would go with a size 5 or a little bigger think I got the last ones from water cannon also order a couple of high pressure filters

High pressure filters? I’ve seen them online but dont really know what they are used for… Could you enlighten me ?

They screw in right before your turbo nozzle. It keeps all the little debris that can be picked up when connecting hoses and other fittings, and keeps it out of the sensitive internals of the turbo nozzle


Thanks @Infinity that’s good to know ! That’s probably why my old turbo nozzle eventually pooped the bed ! Def will need one especially if I’m gonna spend a hundred bucks on a quality one !

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Are you guys using #10 orifice size for your 8gpm pumps? So far all I’ve been able to find in that size are the Suttner brand.

Interested in this as well. I’m looking to purchase a turbo nozzle. I have an 8gpm/3500psi washer, but I’m uncertain at the size of the orifice I should get. If I look on the pressure chart it looks like I should get an 8.5 or 9 size orifice. Is that correct?

I bought #10 and it works well for what I use it for

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