Turbo Nozzle and Flow Activated Unloader

I’m using a K1 unloader, on the rare occasion I use the turbo nozzle it starts and stops like there is not enough flow and the unloader goes to bypass. Anyone else have it happen? TIA

What size is your turbo nozzle ?

It’s older, can’t read the numbers anymore. Weird thing is after a few starts and stops it usually works fine until I let off the trigger and it starts again.

Might be a little undersized for your machine.

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That’s what i am thinking. I really only used it with the trapped pressure unloader before and never saw an issue, just wasn’t sure if it was size or flow activated issue. Thanks all

Yeah, I’ve found my K5 really doesn’t want to do partial bypass. They’re just not built for it.

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We use our turbos every week with k7, no issues. Try a new one sized for your pump.

I think your turbo might be under sized and the back pressure is messing with the unloader

Agree, need to get a larger size. Thanks