Tundra and 16' Washing Trailer For Sale

Available for sale immediately.
Pick up in North Mississippi.


2010 White Toyota Tundra Double Cab 4WD SR5 5.7L V8 FlexFuel

  • 135k miles
  • Tows my 2 machine trailer with 325 gallons of water and 150 gallons of chems with no issue.
  • Crack in front windshield, but is below line of sight. never felt the need to deal with it.
  • Driver’s seat has some tears. Rear is a bit dinged up.

Asking $17k


  • 16’ Utility Trailer weighing in at 1540 lbs and a gvwr of 10,400lbs. That gives you 8860 lbs of capacity. This was a hard trailer to find. Most trailers with 10k+ gvwr weigh closer to 2500lbs.
  • 4 brand new extra wide tires. The back gate is off, but I do have it.
  • 2 Hydrotek 8@3500 SC3500HAF Hot Water Machines with GX690s (800hrs and 1500 hrs)
  • 1 Fatboy Bandit Softwash System w/ 200ft. of hose + Pro Mix A Lot v4 soap mixing system
  • 3 18" Titan Hose Reels. (2 with 300 ft each of flexzilla garden hose, 1 two-step reel, but it can be used like any other reel)
  • 2 12" Titan Hose Reels with 250ft. pressure hose, one grey, one blue.
  • Two-Step Truck wash gun and system + 4 each Supersonic + Grizzly concentrates (about $800 worth of soap)
  • 3 upright 55 gallon chemical tanks.
  • 1 325 gallon IBC tote.
  • 1 Hammerhead 20" Surface cleaner
  • All sorts of commonplace and specialty nozzles (turbo, dual turbo, m5, xjet, bendable undercarriage)
  • All sorts of fittings and wot not that I won’t need anymore, batteries, brushes, etc etc etc

Asking $15k

would you part out the trailer ?

wish you could ship that to Cyprus :rofl:

Dropped the trailer price to $13.5k