TSF2019 Required HP

I’m looking to see if anyone is running a TSF2019 General Pump. I’m looking to buy one this week to put on my 18HP vanguard motor. The specs say 15EBHP motor minimum? I just want to make sure I will get the full performance out of the pump. With my motor.

GPMxPSI/1100=HP is the most common formula. Put another way, “total ‘cleaning units’ divided by 1100”

18x1100 = 19800 ‘cleaning units’
19800/6.3 = 3143psi.

So you could safely run that pump at around 3000psi with an 18hp motor.

I’m guessing EBHP stands for electric brake horsepower. Electric motors are more efficient and can drive larger pumps/higher pressure vs. their gas or diesel counterparts.

So basically I’m stuck with 5.5 GPM pumps for 3,500 PSI until I get a bigger motor? I do a lot of concrete cleaning and need the psi to run my surface cleaner so I’m still 50/50 about dropping to 3,000 psi to get more gpm on rinsing.

Here you go

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A 5hp electric motor is just about equal with a Honda GX390 so he’d need three to run that 6.3 pump at 36 lol