Trying to start a Pressure Washer Business. Would Appreciate any tips!

So I have recently gotten more involved in trade work and wanted to try and do my own Small Business for some extra cash while I go to college. I found that Pressure Washing in 2023 is a good market in my area as I have seen nobody do it and some people may want their driveways, sidewalks, fences etc… cleaned. Was wondering if anybody had some insight on some starting equipment, rates, how to pitch my service and anything else that may prove useful.

I do have a 2.3gpm 2700 PSI pressure washer that my dad doesn’t use anymore, I am just not sure if this will be enough to be able to get some jobs done. Hopefully you guys can help me out!

Thank You! :slight_smile:

Kyler, welcome to the forum. You have came to the right place to learn. What I would recommend and most guys here would most likely agree, is to do a lot of reading on the site. Use the search bar feature to look up what you want to know and read the threads, get some good reading time in. It will help you a lot….much success with your business, it sounds like you’re motivated to learn and apply. Again welcome!


All that was said above…but also, don’t presume it’s a good market because you haven’t seen anyone do it. That may mean that it is definitely not a good market. Do some client research. Maybe call around looking for quotes on services and see if painters/landscapers/handymen are filling that niche right now (if yes maybe you have a winner, if no then there may not be a market for the service at all).

I drive by neighborhoods all the time where every house and roof needs our services badly, and I know the finances of homeowners there can afford it. Sometimes I think “wow that’s an opportunity to do tons of work!” But in reality, the HOA there doesn’t care, and the homeowners don’t care, so marketing dollars would be wasted there as well. We’ve found the best success in marketing is in the areas where you’re already doing a bunch of work. All that to say… the best market for pressure washing is likely a market where there are already a bunch of pressure washers. You might get lucky and be the one that figures it out…but odds are it has been tried and failed.