Trying to find the right hire


Where do I find these clubs/meetings?


I found this one on the 7th page of google…website is from 1999…average age of member is 80 lol. I’ll see what I can find in your area tomorrow.


Peoria and Bloomington Illinois are the best bet!


Keep trying the fire departments. At my department we have people call all the time about “part time” work that needs done. There is usually always one or two guys who pick it up. The schedule we work is the very reason I am looking at getting into the business.


Interviewed two guys yesterday, one is 6 years marine Corp. and the other is desperate for work as a has a new baby on the way, seems like prayers answered so well see.


Stay firm on your attendance policy my friend. EMPLOYEES with children will use them as an excuse not to be there when it’s not totally necessary if they know they can get away with it no matter how desperate they are for work.


I’m soaking up the knowledge in this thread. Thanks :+1:


I have a young Marine that works for me with significant PTSD issues. If he was anyone else he would have been long gone but I just can’t get myself to send him down the road. He’s late, spaces out on jobs at times etc., then you walk around the corner of building and find him throwing up because his ulcers are so bad, or him running to the trailer to use a bucket. He quit taking the half a dozen meds the VA gave him because he becomes a zombie. OTOH, he is honest and respectful, customers like him so we’re working on it. I have been able to get him some help and direction so I feel like I’m doing a good thing but boy do I get frustrated at times…
My wife says I am looking for “me” and I’m not going to find me. She’s usually right.


MDA1775: As a fellow PTSD head (Vietnam), I thank you for working with him.


I had a guy with ptsd, hilarious guy, but after his baby momma (with whom he hoped to get back together with) passed, he just kept getting worse, he ended up studying something and getting a job after graduating that, but I would still give him a job if I could, great guy

Finding great employees is tough, our current two guys have barely been two months with us. They seem promising
We work nights so that makes it even harder to find willing folks

I’m looking to hire a day worker soon, well see. I’m hoping to find an honest hard worker from the Hispanic community

Another tough thing about folks is they don’t have their own transportation, so I may have to compromise on that


Went to a local veteran’s group meeting today. They had several speakers, one of whom is helping vet’s in general transition back into civilian life. There was another who is helping some of the truly down and out get out of homelessness etc.I am going to see if I can do some work with both of these organizations and see if I can help them in their missions and maybe find a good guy or two to put to work myself. If it pans out I will report back. It might be something more of us can do for them and for our companies.