Truths & Myth Busters about Parking Garage Cleaning

Tells us what you believe to be truths about Power Washing Parking Garages and what you believe are myths. This can be from your personal experiences or what others told you.

I’ll start:
Power Washing parking garages hardly ever go out to bid… MYTH!! They almost always go out to bid & whoever says otherwise is most likely a “snake oil” salesman.

You should get at least 25cents a sq’ cleaning garages—MYTH!!

We all know that “nut wagon” on the net who tells everyone this so he gets attention. Ask around and see how many of your buddies are getting 25k per 100,000sq’ cleaning garages and you will find the answer to be none. A friend of mine does 110 garages a yr and he said this person is a lying sack of *hit so that says volumes.

Typical parking garage Power washing prices across the nation run on average in the range of .03-.10 sq’ TRUE!!

Once again ask around. I spoke to guys who have clean garages all the way from south Florida, to up North in Vermont to all the way west to California to southwest Texas & North west Illinois & many places in between. These prices are the average range for 100,000sq’+ garages nation wide.

Another Jim Gamble story telling quote above “[COLOR=#333333]. Every now and then, I will get a text from someone I helped showing me their checks of them making 2,000 and even 3,000 dollars an hour and that’s all the gratitude I need.”

Another story from Jim whose been living on a state disability check for years now. Jim get help because your getting dementia now. [/COLOR]