Trust but Verify

Hello everyone,

I am brand new to the power wash community and really appreciate all the advice shared by the veteran operators. For the last month I’ve been communicating with my local dealer. Had decided on a 5.5 gpm 3500 psi hot water machine, Ultra skid with 20H.P. Electric start honda engine. They provided me a written quote for $6,945.00 for that machine.

Additionally, I was planning to purchase the buffer tank , surface cleaner, reels and a host of other equipment from them. The accessories totaled just under 2k according to their written quote.

As I continued with my research I came across a 8gpm 3500 psi Bandit (cold water) machine with aluminum skid mount, Honda GX690, Comet Premium Series pump for $3,489.

Most of my work will be residential siding and flat work and hopefully with experience can take on some commercial work down the road. Right now I’m just trying to spend my money wisely and begin my business with decent equipment. I’m figuring I can add a hot box down the road after gaining more experience.

I was also able to get all of the extras I wanted and felt I needed for just over 1K. Long story short I saved close to 4K and ended up with an 8 gpm machine (minus hot water) and the accessories to start my business.

I wish I could have started with the hot water machine but I am disappointed that I almost paid 7K just for the 5.5 gpm machine locally.

I’m ordering my equipment from out of Florida and expect it to be delivered to me in VA by the end of this week. I am hoping I have made a good decision.

This is my very first post and I’m hoping I don’t get beat up too bad for sharing my personal experience. :slight_smile: I have a lot to learn and I look forward to the education. My goal is to become a reputable provider in my area. Once the equipment is set up I will share photos along with any lessons learned.

Again, I thank you all for the knowledge you continue to share with the rest of us.

Trust but “VERIFY”



You can definitely get cheaper equipment online but you won’t get the support at your local shop not supporting them. I did the same thing you did, I couldn’t justify the price difference and even offered them for me to pay them 1k over for the same pressure pro skid I was looking at. They only sold hotsy. Now they don’t like me lol. Long story short, your not just paying for the equipment locally, your getting a support team as well. It’s a catch 22. I made the decision and I will live with it.

When that day comes that my machine breaks, I’ll likely just put it in the shop and buy a new one. For the price they were asking I could have almost got two.


I appreciate your comment and I agree with you 100%. Relationships are important and I truly want to support them. I literally could have purchased two machines for the price of the one. I found another dealer in the area that seem willing to set my trailer up when the equipment comes in. I will continue to work on that relationship piece. Like you I will live With my decision. Thank you for your comment.


I would highly recommend setting the trailer up yourself. It will make it so much easier to fix little issues that arise while in the field instead of having to run it back to the dealer and have them take care of stuff. Time is money and little issues can cost a ton if you can’t deal with them yourself. Plus, you’ll be able to put it together exactly how you want it put together.

There are plenty of trailer builds on here to help you through. It’s really not that hard. Just search the forum and you’ll find all the info you need to get you started. Not only on your trailer build but literally everything else too. Just start a build thread and people will help with any questions you may have.



You have said a mouthful. You make a very good point. I was thinking it would be quicker to let them set me up and then I could maintain it going forward. I will get with a buddy who has more plumbing experience than I do once the equipment arrives. We just may be able to pull this off. I love this forum. Tons of information.

Thank you!

And another reason is once it gets put together chances are you’re going to want to change something with the way you have it set up and if you pay to have it done you threw that money away. I’m getting ready to reset my trailer for the third time in less than a year. I’ll be building new platforms to add a few more pieces of equipment along with having 5200# axles put under it


Guess what we will be doing this weekend? You have inspired me. All of your points are valid. I’m done throwing money away. Stay tuned and I may have questions, but what better way to learn.

What size trailer are you going with? Also, do yourself a favor and go with a tandem axle trailer. It’s worth every penny of the difference you’ll pay not just for you but for the families next to you on the highway


I was planning to start with a 6x10, single axle until I could buy a tandem. Is that a bad idea?

It’s just my opinion that tandem trailers are much safer especially if you have a water tank. There’s not a huge cost difference either. I’d rather buy a used tandem instead of a new single axle trailer

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If you’re even thinking you may want hot water in a year or 2, go with the tandem. the heater alone is around 500lbs. There’s nothing wrong with a 6*10 single axle, plenty of people use, but when you deduct weight of trailer, you’re only left with less than 2500 lbs capacity. That gets eaten up pretty quick once you start putting 8gpm machine on it and all the other necessary equipment.


Point taken. I already own the trailer is the only reason. I’ve started my search for used tandem.

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I’ve decided to go with a tandem axle trailer. You guys gave me a lot to consider. They were good points. Thank you.

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