Truck wash issue

So we done a few small fleet washing jobs. We use hot water setup with the pink thunder from

Never had any issues but then one guy that has one truck requested extra chrome cleaner so since it’s one truck we just used eagle one chrome cleaner from autozone. We did it once with no issues and it shined it up nice.

Last time my guy did it maybe got a little dried on before he rinsed it because he applied the chrome cleaner, the soap and then rinsed. But it did something it never did before to ONLY the tanks and the steps. The chrome cleaner was applied to ALL the chrome.

We went back and tried to rewash/scrub it and nothing made it go away.

Here’s a picture to show you what i mean.

What happened here?


I know nothing wbout fleet washing, but I do know that Aluminum can be reactive with certain chemicals. I’m guessing the tanks are aluminum, and that the chrome cleaner has one of those reactive chemicals in it.

You’ll want to find an aluminum brightener, which will be an acid. Follow the instructions and it should shine right up. Probably want to keep that off the other surfaces :wink:

Aluminum brightner has to be two stepped with gutter zap or the equivalent. It might haze it. Looks like a few hours of mother’s aluminum polish may be in order

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Any idea where I can find what I need locally? As in can I find it at chain stores?

I only do fleet washing for a few friends and this is the only truck I do chrome cleaner on it so I don’t know much about the chemicals other than the normal truck wash.

I don’t know where you are

Fort Worth, Texas