Truck parking question

If you are cleaning a driveway for someone and their house is located on a mainstreet, where do you park your vehicle? Do you park it in the driveway clean a spot and then move your vehicle to the clean spot and then wash the rest of the driveway?

Sorry if this is an ignorant question. I tried using the search bar and couldn’t find anything referring to the question.

It’s happened to me twice this year on residential streets. I left my hazards on and put out cones front and back. Didn’t get hassled at all. I wouldn’t try that on a street with a posted speed limit over 35 though


Always put your safety front and center. If you can’t do it safely don’t do it.

Use common sense and good judgement.


Thanks for the response!

Yeah, wanted to make there wasn’t perhaps a method to doing it that maybe I overlooked. Thanks for the response!

Contact the city. I only ran into this problem once but it was in front of the college long and short we had to have flaggers for traffic control
Sometimes it’s just easier to ask. That way the city knows what your doing. You do t look like chuck in a truck trying to get away with something

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You can just park n drive and move when necessary. Do all the time on extremely long ones that exceed my 250’ of hose. Just make sure customer doesn’t need to get out before you’re finished.