Truck mount skids in the winter

Hey guys, so I have a question for the guys not running trailers but truck bed skids. Let me start of by saying that currently I’m nowhere near this point yet in my business, I’m just trying to plan ahead for the future. Currently I have a small operation and I’m working out Of the back of my pickup. As I grow and have to increase my equipment, I dont want to utilize a trailer. I want build a truck bed skid that will include all the necessities like a chem tank, a buffer tank, hose reels etc. My issue is I live in New England and we get a lot of snow and have cold winters. We also as a company slow down in the winter months. To combat this we were thinking of offering plowing services to our customers. What I have the issue is what am I going to do with the skid and all the equipment? Every year I don’t feel like taking all the plumbing apart and removing everything especially considering I don’t own or know anyone who owns a fork-lift. I don’t want to leave the equipment in the truck as I would imagine snow wouldn’t be great for the equipment. So what would be the best course of action for this ?


Put it on a skid and take it out with an engine hoist.

Fork lift, winterize it with antifreeze . But if you have a trailer, then you just drop and tarp it. :thinking:

You really don’t know anybody with a forklift?

@SchertzServicesLLC can do it. Lol

Are you close to a marina winterized it and have them wrap it. Bbn ig question is where are you located