Truck decal? Anyone done their own?


Anybody ever done the decal on their trucks themselves? I stopped by the local shop today and theyre pretty backed up!


It depends on the decal.

If it’s a low tack removable/repositionable adhesive, then there’s probably no harm in trying.

If it’s a more permanent adhesive…I personally wouldn’t tackle it. And I’m a pretty handy guy with many years spent in about every corner of printing plants. That permanent stuff is unforgiving.


i was thinking about just getting some dye-cut stickers done and slapping them on… atleast until they can get us in!


I supposed it is just a matter of perspective.

For me, I waited to save up for professional lettering (would have preferred a wrap and in hindsight wish I waited longer to save up for it). I could have gotten a magnet sign, but I feel that projects a “cheap” image for my brand.

Are there any other sign shops around who can take care of you?

Die-cast lettering imo will not look good. If you think it will look great, go for it.


Im doing the same. My trucks getting lettered next week. Paying some $400 for a professional job and clean look you make your money back as soon 2 people see it and book a job heck even one big job you come out ahead.


I sent them over our logo and such today so hopefully they have an opening and can get us in ASAP. We have some work booked for the last weekend of march so i was hoping to have something on there before then!


I used to do it for a living. Experienced people can do it dry, straight onto the substrate with no bubbles. It’s VERY unforgiving if you’re not versed at dealing with the issues it can present.

Otherwise, you can do a wet application. It’s easier, but you can’t drive away immediately (which is why pros do it dry).

Wet application means you can move it around until you’re happy - then let it dry and remove the application tape later.

If you have time to let it dry, I’d say do it!

All you need is masking tape, a tape measure, a squeegee and a squirt bottle with a drop of dishwashing detergent in it.

Look up “the hinge method” of applying vinyl. This was my preferred choice back in the day.

Get the sticker, put tape on top left and right - by your eye, put it where you think it should go - step back and adjust it accordingly.

Run a line of tape down the middle from top to bottom.

Fold back the right side to the centre tape, peel off the backing to the centre and cut it off. With the other hand, spray the surface. Lay it back down and from the middle, squeegee out the water.

Remove the centre tape carefully, fold back the left, remove the backing, lay back down and squeegee from the centre to the left.

Let it dry and then peel off the application tape, keeping it against the surface, not pulling outward, but across :slight_smile:

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where would you suggest getting some decals from online?


If you’re after basic vinyl lettering - local sign places do this really cheap. Google vinyl sticker / decals / signs.

They don’t need a huge print shop to do it, so there are many people who will just do vinyl cheap because it’s easy.

Single color vinyl has benefits over digital print in that its a solid color all the way through as opposed to ink onto white vinyl. So it doesn’t really fade like digital print will.

The downside is that you are stuck with basic colors, unless you layer them, which is where vinyl gets expensive as it take twice as much product just to get a black outline on a blue letter for example. It’s also harder to produce for the sign writer so will cost more.

Lettering and phone numbers - vinyl will be better and cheaper.

Graphics, photos and generally anything color, digital print.


Talk to @nitty34 who posted in your thread here. He can probably hook you up and does really great work. I’m not sure if he does decals but he seems to do every other type of marketing material we’re always using so I would assume so.


The place that I use is going to make my new vinyl for the side of my truck. Plus the windshield for $101. Yes I agree they are alot cheaper.


looks good!

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I appreciate it. Thanks :blush:


@Wadevassar43 I hate to be that guy, but your logo looks like you made it yourself without much thought/effort. With the amount of money you spend starting and owning a business the least you can do is spend a few bucks to get a logo that looks more professional. Fiverr is a good website if you want a good looking logo for cheap. JMO. Not trying to bash.

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Max 1 thanks for your input. Yes I created it myself. I do all my logo’s and wording. That’s how I save money. Shure sir I could pay someone. But it’s creativity from yourself not someone else. But thank you for your input.