Truck Build 16 FT Flatbed Isuzu NPR

We chose to go with a 16ft Isuzu NPR Flatbed. The three person cab fit our three man crew perfectly. Deciding to go with a work truck wasn’t involving my personal vehicle towing a trailer anymore. The bed is 8ft wide which creates a load of space. The truck is capable of also towing a trailer in the future and even has additional space for more tanks, Cold water units etc. This truck is a 1997 4BD2TC engine a 3.9l 4 cyclinder inter cooled turbo diesel. We average around 12MPG and can cruise about 70-80mph on the freeway. In California towing a trailer you have a 55mph speed limit and you must drive in the right lane. This truck totally gets around that and we can even take the fast track toll roadsb and it is very very stable to drive even with hauling 500 Gallons of water, much better stability than any trailer I’ve towed and I’ve towed a fair number of different types of trailers. Overall the engine and maintenance in not much more expensive than a v8 truck. Some of the newer Isuzu’s even features chevy’s 6.0l v8 which is very economical to maintain and find parts for. Overall I think the Isuzu is the just the best option and it gives you a fully separate entity not having to involve your personal truck anymore, unless you do own the truck through the business either way. This truck can do what the your personal vehicle could plus so so so much more. Finally I personally believe the truck is a much more professional look that demands more income. Instead of it looking like your weekend job you look like a fully invested legitimate business that is looking to provide professional services rather than hook up the trailer and make some money pressure washing on the weekend. Those are the positives I have to say about the truck, honestly nothing has broken in about a half year of service. It has 240k+ Miles and we did new fuel, oil filters, glow plugs, oil change, and some other minor maintenance when we bought it and it’s still running very strong. They are relatively cheap to find older ones but it would definitely be much more wise to invest in a newer engine lower miles etc. Our budget was low at the time but a engine rebuild and new transmission are coming in the future! Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions

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Here is Pictures of the truck forgot to attach in post


Also forgot to mention on here the overall length compared to a truck and trailer is much shorter and the turning radius and tight capabilities it has impress me everyday. We can generally flip u turns on two lanes and if we can’t make it just back up real fast something you can’t really do with a trailer. One major positive of the cab over vehicles. Better turning radius than my 2012 F-150

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Easy tiger

Cool build, but let me ask why you chose to go the “better than thou” route rather than the informative one? I just bought a 16’ flatbed 2001 diesel myself and while I’m hopeful it works better than my other build I still understand it could breakdown on me tomorrow leaving me in terrible shape this year. I’m guessing you were in a similar situation financially considering you didn’t buy a newer truck and were on a low budget. I do wish you best of luck. I’m sure you’re excited, but don’t forget where you came from and where other people may still be at in life.

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El oh el. No way.

Believe it it not, he’s right on that one, but he’s still a weird cat

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Im not 100% sure I know what you are referring to but I just wanted to share our current truck build and list off some positives that it has shown us. No intention of boasting or attempting to show off and say we are better. I definitely won’t forget where I came from and I look to help anyone starting out in any way possible. Best of luck to you on your build.


I’m all for safety but jeebers…you can’t drive the posted speed limit just because you have a trailer in tow? What about all the minivan-driving soccer mom’s that speed in residential zones whilst talking on their cell phone and applying their makeup with the vanity mirror covering 84% of their field of view?

I couldn’t even imagine.

Anywhooooo. Nice truck. I want to do a flatbed build too but I also like the utility body truck builds and I also like the idea of a box truck.

I totally agree the utility bodies are awesome and I would love to get one in the future. I would certainly recommend it all the way!

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So indecisive… geez

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I know. I’m also considering doing a Smart Car build so we’ll see how it shakes out I guess.

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Why not do em all and give the ones you dont like to us? Sounds like a good deal to me

You can’t have my Smart Car. It’s patented and trademarked just in case so don’t even try.

I ain’t arguing. I wouldn’t live there.

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I don’t even think you can call it “living” if you reside there. But then again they do have that…uh… those…well…erm…nope nevermind can’t think of one good reason lol

Fellas, most of us are doing it wrong.

But, we aren’t in California. So we do have that going for us.


Want to see a nice flatbed build I ran across this one the other day since I’ve been looking. Nicest one I’ve seen. See how they have batteries and 12V mounted. Unfortunately have to go to FB


I’m disappointed racer I come here to see a build and get sent to a Facebook page. That’s rough, we’ve been good to you.