Troubleshooting 8gpm pump not drawing

Hey so this spring we purchased 2 8 gpm washers (690 with udor gear dr). They are plumbed with 1” line from an IBC tote. Both are set up about the same but one is having trouble pulling water. Any ideas what it might be?? Sometimes it will run just fine no issues at all and other times just completely unusable. Its like there is air in the system and Ive done everything to purge it but still having issues. Bad pump maybe??

Plumb it with the set up on the second machine or use two spigots and a wye to feed it from the house to check the pump. Odds are it is sucking air somewhere

Yes as @Innocentbystander said probably sucking air from from somewhere. Also check the filters and make sure they are clean. That will also cause flow issues.

Ok I’ll keep posted what I figure out when I get to it

I took this guy off and it seems to be working no problem now… I guess time will tell if the problem come back

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Was that for dual feed supply?

That was the small filter that came with the machine… it wasn’t clogged but it was affecting the flow a little soo I guess time will tell if the problem comes back