Trouble with the J rod . .

I bought a J Rod tip not too long ago from “DELUX” out of Fort Worth, Texas aka The J Rod looks made okay, not exactly square with the weld job that was done, but functional.

My question/issue is: The male connections of the J Rod will not seat in most of my quick connect couplers. Rather, there is only one (came with my Simpson 4200 psi belt driven Water Blaster gun OEM). Please help me in either finding a quick connect that works (ordered some from Karcher, do not work with J Rod), or a NEW J Rod that will work with standard 1/4" quick connects.

New to the board, have been lurking/absorbing information like a sponge from some of the pros on here. You figure out who the veterans are real quick.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Just order some from pressuretek. That’s easier than having to file your old ones down. Mine wouldn’t fit in my older cheap quick connects so I just ordered several new ones and they worked ok.

Thanks for the reply DavisPW, the qc’s I have are from Karcher, (Amazon: which I thought was a decent brand to purchase. If there is a brand you recommend that you ordered from Pressuretek? I’m going to check them out now. Thanks

that’s why I buy the nipples and try them out on my QC before welding them.

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Are these better:

Can i get by with these?

Hansen QC are awesome…I stopped using brass connections a while ago as they rust out and don’t last nearly as long as stainless. But that’s a great price for a Hansen brass QC


I got the Hansen QC’s and they worked for me.

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