Trouble With Roof Cleanings

Hello recently came about about a pretty big issue. I am in Central Cali, specifically Monterey County. As I’ve done many pressure washing and soft washing jobs, I’ve came to realize whenever I do any sort of Concrete Tile Roof shingles, they tend not to change color or clean at all! (Regular asphalt shingles clean just fine) I’ve only hit it with about a 5-6% mix to not cause a lot of damage to the surrounding plants.
I have a few things in mind I’d like to try.

  1. I will do a light brushing removing all loose and dry algae off the roof, then I will try and hit it with a soft wash.
  2. I’ve also seen many YouTube pressure washers say that LA’s totally awesome detergent works as an amazing roof cleaning surfactant. So I will be giving that a try.

Any pressure washers in Cali experiencing the same issue I’m facing? If so, how do you go about cleanings roofs without pressure? Thank you for reading!

I don’t have experience with concrete tile roofs in Indiana but think of it this way. If you had a dirty concrete driveway, equally as dirty as the roof and you put 5-6% mix on it and left it, would be clean really nicely? It would clean up quite a bit but you still have to run the surface cleaner over it. I would imagine it would be the same here, you can put a 5-6% mix on it but maybe still need some pressure. Unlike an asphalt roof that you just let the mix sit.

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Yes that’s what I’ve thought , but I’ve also heard people praise and stand by never using pressure on a roof , so I’m torn on if I should or not

Use medium pressure after letting some 4 or 5% dwell for 6 or 8 minutes.

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