Trolls and troublemakers


I don’t have the most sophisticated vocabulary and will be the first to admit it. And if something breaks in the shop or I stub my toe I can rely on most profanity to ease my pain. That being said, you’d be hard pressed to find where I put it on a professional forum.

It just takes one saavy customer to find you and see you interacting with others on here. Protect your professional reputation.

Lastly, @Steve and I run businesses too so some stuff can slip through. I won’t volunteer Steve, but I will volunteer myself. Please tag me in anything that needs to be cleaned up and I’ll do my best.


P.s. use the farting search function…



Count me in, too. Apparently the admins see me as being responsible enough to have editing superpowers, as well. Not sure where they got that idea, but… here I am :smiling_imp:


This awesomewash guy is unreal. Ive managed forums for over 10 years… And Ive never had to delete so many fake accounts. he just keeps coming back.


@Chris I can’t keep this up. I appreciate the 1.5 % discount on every third O ring purchase, but creating all these awesomewash accounts is time consuming


I think there’s legitimately something wrong with him mentally… why would someone waste so much of their life on such malarkey?


Just think of all the email addresses and pws he has to remember haha.


All these new admins… boy oh boy, my jokes are faaaaaaaaaarked


This one time, at Presseure Washing camp… I made 47 different forum accounts and poked a long range nozzle up my whoopsie.


You dear friend, are the only troll we need.