Trigger Gun W Built in Swivel

I ran across this recently. I like the idea of the swivel being being built into the gun verses having hanging off the end of the gun. Has anyone used one of these? Thanks


The gun is bulky at the top. I have built in swivels on my hoses so didn’t notice much difference with their swivel. I was told they won’t run a large batch until after the first of the year so they are probably on back order for awhile. Suttner 2315 is the best gun you can buy.


Having the swivel on the hose makes sense. I have the Mosmatic, which I love but with all the connectors and then sometimes using a ball valve too it gets pretty bulky. I think I read where you have your hoses custom made does that include the swivel. Thanks

Swivel is included with the hoses I get. Most any decent hose you order will have a swivel on one end.

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Thanks to this guy ^^^ I ordered from United hose. The swivel on the hose made life easier on the last job since we were just doing siding and didn’t need the ball valve with the swivel.

On 26 buildings, not having to deal with a ball valve was pretty nice.

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I don’t have close to as much hose for PW as ya’ll do but then again I’m still dragging a machine around most of the time. I did buy an additional 50’ when I bought my machine and it does have a swivel on it but it only seems to be effective when it is connected to my original HP hose. I guess my next purchase will be from United… Going to have to build a trailer to accommodate both staining and PW since I am getting more and more PW jobs with stain jobs. This is supposed to be when I am slowing down. I have 16 stain contracts and 4 PW contracts right now… not complaining but my helper sprained his ankle two days ago and now I’m falling behind. The wife is back in trace, she’s a good sport but not thrilled.