Trigger and gun sticking?

Several of my wands are sticking (wont stop spraying) when I apply my house wash mix. It’s only when I apply the mix not when I rinse. Any suggestions as to why. I thought it might be the gun but it does it to every gun I have? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

If your using a powdered soap it might not be fully mixed before you spray and “gumming” up in your gun.

I was thinking that too. I’m going to mix it better today and see what happens. Thanks!

Oh and I’m not using powder soap. I’m using SH with a little dawn.

What kind of guns?
How old are they?

One of them is brand new just bought it last week.

We go through so many wands, guns, and hoses. I consider it just part of the business expenses. I include a % of my hourly charge in all my quotes to cover these expenses. But if one is a week old that is a problem. I’d try to return it, sounds like a lemon, I have got a couple of those.

I took the new one apart today and wiggled the trigger back and forth and that seemed to do it. It worked great today. So I think it was just gummed up a bit. The other two were old so I chalked it up to that. Thanks guys for the replies!