Trex decking

O.K. what is the best way to clean trex decking. I have read a lot of info online on how to clean trex decking and it seems like there are about 100 different ways to clean it so if you guys have done some trex cleaning what works best for you? i have not seen the decks yet but sounds like mold on the surface. the job will consist of around 20 decks.
Thanks guys

Mold on the surface often runs much deeper. Depending on the age of the product, the spots they see could actually require an acid to clean up.

We roof mix, scrub brush, rinse up close and personal at about 600 psi.

Thanks Tim
I knew i could count on you for an answer. There can’t anything you have not run across.
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What Tim said and depending on how bad it is sometimes ds housewash mix,dwell and rinse will take care of it…we did one last week that was terrible…ds did nothing so 2 gal SH and 3 water in a fiver applied with brushes and agitated finally did the trick…just have to be careful with the older Trex and using too strong of a mix can dramatically lighten the color…always inform the customer that some lightening may occur

Tim are you just mixing the roof mix in a bucket and applying it like you would mop a floor? are you letting it soak in? if so how long do you let it sit? or is it just when ever you finish applying the mix to the deck?

Roof mix - apply with roof pump. Let dwell, scrub a bit, power rinse.

I’ve read on here that some guys are doing house wash while others are doing roof mix. My understanding is that the house washing is just a little weaker isn’t it? does it get the job done just as well or should I be doing the full 1 part 12.5 sh, 2 parts water and a surfactant?

House wash is one tenth the strength of roof mix.

I use roof mix.

It makes sense to use house wash if it works for you.

It doesn’t for me.

The deck I’m cleaning on Tuesday is above a patio with plants around the edge. I was thinking I’d we the plants and then tarp them. It’s not as easy to control runoff on a deck compared to a roof. Do you have any tips for this situation? I was thinking I might apply the roof mix with a pump sprayer so I have more control and use less mix.

I also wanted to ask, are my ratios for the roof mix correct?- Thanks

Okay I’m thinking about joint the independent work force. I’m currently searching ways to go about starting a small business. Now I don’t have a huge bill fold. What equipment do I need to start my business in the soft washing world and where can I find a list of chemicals, (listing of items, chart, and how to guide). Please help