Travertine pool deck tile

Any advice on cleaning travertine floor tile? Are there any chemicals to avoid? Pressure restrictions? Are post treatments recommended?

This home has a travertine patio which leads into the pool deck of the same material. The patio is stucco and is in need of a house wash. So SH will be used on the home.

Thanks for the advice, not much in the way of previous content on travertine.

Just pretreat and use SC.
And rinse, nithing will happen

I would be careful of using a SC, if you do lower the pressure. If you etch those stones they are incredibly expensive. I normally dont use a SC, but lay a strong mix, then lowish pressure rinse.

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just use the sc and post treat

After last week’s close call with orange limestone I’m gun shy using SH. The product from Prosoco for limestone uses lye, a butly compound, and oxygen bleach. Their after wash is acetic and citric acid.

If ur unsure u could always test an inconspicuous spot

Buy one travertine tile and experiment.


I wanted to revive this post because I’m quoting a pool deck that looks just like this. I’m reading online to avoid SH and just use a mild soap and brush. Is using any SH really that bad on travertine? I was planning on doing a test spot, but if everything I read says not to use it, they why even bother? There are so many different types of soap, so what is the best “mild soap” for this stuff?

from my experience i’ve cleaned 3 travertine patios by using 3% sh and low psi surface cleaner tips with no problems.

It would definitely be easier than just some mild soap. I’ll do a test spot with 3% and see. My setup will downstream to about 2%, so if 3% doesn’t hurt anything I’ll go that route. I was thinking soak, brush, dwell, 1000 psi rinse. Sound about right?

Get some 12.5, i have been getting close to 3% with no proportioner in the BlueMule. If it is a small deck use a brush and rinse, but a big deck use a pressure washer and use the surface cleaner with low psi tips like suggested above. If i am busting out a brush and “working” harder i am charging for it. If they can afford travertine they can afford the specialized service upcharge.


I have 12.5%, but without any orifice it’s 5:1. I’ve tested the ones I use for house washing and they are right on, so I’ve never tested the 5:1 and just assumed. It’s $1.8m dollar home according to Zillow, so they can afford an upcharge. After I see it in person I’ll decide between brushing and low pressure tips in my SC. Thanks for the info

2.5 is good enough for a dwell and brush, usin9 Elemenator you will be fine. I just hate brushing, but I had a heart attack in 17’ after brushing my van clean a little too hard and fast in 90 degree temps so I do not like brushes.

I tested an area with 4% and it didn’t affect the stone at all. I’m going to treat with 2-3% then either wand or sc at 1000psi.

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