Travertine Driveway

I used the same treatment on this driveway that I use for others including the sidewalk. Here’ I used 3% pretreatment. Yet there’s still some grey areas on it. It looks like it’s been painted in the past & also some of the color of the stones are faded. I’m sure it’s perfectly clean but still a 1% doubt that maybe I’m not getting it as clean. Does anybody have experience with these? Included is a before & after of the driveway. I’ve done one like this before & it was the same thing. They just don’t look amazing even when cleaned there’s some dark paint mixed in there.

some of it does look like it needs more dwell. Did you sign up to do anything other than dirt or organics? if not, I wouldnt worry too much about it if you did all necessary steps. give that spotted one some more dwell time or stronger mix tho, unless its paint

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No I just sell organic removal and surface clean. I had done another like this and noticed how it would still have dark areas sometimes around the edges of the tile. But overall it would clean up. I am starting to wonder how this type of surface is made.

News flash, that’s not tavertine. Run your pw over it, but that stuff fades anyway.


I surface cleaned & post treated. I think this is painted concrete w/paint in the mix. Maybe they etch it to look like stone…I use 16" WW 5GPM & 1700 psi 25025 tips

Yeah, I was thinking painted stamped concrete when I saw the pics. Definitely fades, depending on how they finish it.

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It’s been my (limited) experience here in KY the darker spots are there on purpose for some visual 3d ‘relief’. I think they use some sort of process when stamped. When the topcoat fades it makes people think it’s dirty.

From the interwebs I gather they mix in a darker color with the mold release agent to add the ‘antiquing’ look.

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I doubt it’s paint. When pouring concrete there are a few ways they can color. One way is having the color mixed into the concrete. This means it will be colored all the way through. You can find out by digging some dirt away on the side and see if there is color all the way down. Another thing they’ll do is wait until it’s dry and use a colored sealer. That’s probably what you’re dealing with. I think they might also spread a colored powder down while the concrete is still wet but not positive. They would then seal over that.

What it needs after cleaning is a sealer with a similar color dye to bring it back to life and protect it from the elements.

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