Trash Chute Cleaning

Hi Guys, I have been asked by a PM to give an proposal to clean the trash chutes on 12 buildings the lowest is 8 floors and the highest is 12 floors high. I know it’s a pretty dirty work, but I am not afraid to get dirty for the right amount of $$$$$$$ of course. Is anybody there that have done those before… What should I look for? What’s the best procedure ? What is the best soap/ degreaser ? And the most important question how should I price these ? How long should take to clean those chutes by floor ? I do have a hot unit with 3500 PSI and 5 GLPM. What kind of equipment/ accessories will make this job easier. I guess I should mention that it also includes cleaning the trash dumpster/compactor. Any safety concerns that I should be aware of ? That’s all I can think now. Please chime in … I really appreciate all your help.

Sounds like a lot of work/mess. I’m sure someone will chime in and help answer your questions. Good luck.

I would imagine they have a lock out tag out in place for the compactor. Does it require confined space entry permit? Our company doesn’t do this work but seems it might be best to talk with a kec company?

Always LOTO…you could fabricate a jig that will spin down as you drop the hose!

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What are the dimensions of these trash chutes?
Would a KEC duct spinner work?