Transporting 12.5%SH

How many gallons of SH are you able to transport with out a hazmat license??

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In Louisiana

Don’t bet your life on this but I’m pretty sure DOT it’s 110gal. Innocent will know for sure

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Innocent probably carries 111 gallons on his back through the woods to the jobs for fun so I doubt he has a reliable answer here. :smile:

Weight, not gallons. Class 8 hazmat. 1000 pound max with no placard. Bleach weighs 10 lbs per gallon. Remember, 2 gallons of bleach and 3 gallons of water in a Five gallon pail is still 5 gallons of bleach to DMV


They also go by container size. So if your using two 55 gal tanks, doesn’t matter if they are full or not you have 110 gallons.

I knew Innocent would know. I forgot bleach weighs more than water.

So I’m good to carrying two 55 gallons drums of 12.5 bleach? That’s if I’m understanding this right?

Unless you get pulled over and get a fine for being 100 pounds over the limit. Other than that you ate good to go.

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What are the chances of getting pulled over?

Question is why take the chance. Be a professional

Part of me wants to think these questions are just for entertainment but that’s just a small part of me…

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It’s the Hypochlorite that gets the job done.

Why not just buy 99 percent anhydrous Calcium Hypochloride and dilute it in situ?

Better to carry 125 lbs of cocentratated Calcium Hypochloride powder than 10410 lbs (1000 gallons) of Sodium Hypochlorite solution.


Hinderliter and the snake oil guy have already shown that to be a colossal failure. Hinderliter did step up on his end and try to make it riight

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Hi, do you have a hazmat license? Or is it too hard to get one?

There’s no such thing. What you are speaking of is a CDL with a hazmat endorsement

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I know this is an older post but it just caught my eye.

It’s all fun & games until you get t-boned and spill some ungodly amount of 12% all over the road. Like Innocentbystander said, why take the chance?

If you really want just poor some vinegar in your roof mix…that will change the ions from 80 sodium 20 hypochlorite to 80 hypo chlorite and 20 sodium… although you will make chlorine gas in the process…