Transfer Station Cleaning/Bid

In addition to power washing. I also rent out dumpsters to people, for a somewhat “passive” income.

So I was talking to the manager at a local transfer station, he asked me to work him up a price for cleaning the following on a weekly basis.

  • 5,000 Square Foot Concrete Pad (This is where they dump all the garbage onto and it gets fed to an excavator with a front-loader.)
  • One front-loader
  • One Excavator
  • One Skid Steer

He stated that they basically just want all of the dirt/trash film cleaned off, not looking for a spotless clean.

I quoted him at $800. He passed and stated that that was more than double what they currently get it all cleaned for.

So my question is… Am I crazy for quoting him at $800 or is the other guy nuts for only doing all of that for less than $400?

Thanks in advance for any info or guidance!

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There will always be some shmuck doing things for stupid prices.

Depends…could you see yourself doing it for $400? Everyone’s operating costs and business plans/goals (if any) are different.

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if would look and see what stuff it is that gets/ needs to be washed off 1st. and rinsing is no fun with a 5.5gpm or less. not even 8gpm, Id want more gpm. (meaning if you have to push any garbage around and away)

Sometimes you just gotta fall asleep in the recliner with your slippers on.


it is a weekly $$$ deposit.

Maybe the current person isn’t really cleaning it and is just applying chems and hosing it. That would make a huge difference in time and costs.

That’s what I am thinking. I asked the manager, but he didn’t provide much detail into what the other guy did.

I could see myself doing it for $400, but it would be a different process. For starters, the concrete pad would be blown off with a ball valve rather than surface cleaned, and the equipment would simply be sprayed with chem and rinsed down.

I am definitely kicking myself because I wanted that recurring check especially in the winter months.

But at the same time, come Spring/Summer, I could be hating myself for underbidding due to a heavier workload.

This was the first time I bid on a weekly cleaning job, so definitely lessons learned.

He wants you to undercut a dude that does if for less than half your rate. I don’t even reply to lowballers.