Trailer without brakes?


I have an opportunity to purchase a year old trailer but it hasn’t any brakes.



What are you towing with?

Do you need it and is the price right?


If the price is right you can get electric trailer brakes installed for under $200 if you don’t do it yourself. They’re pretty much bolt on, run wires, change plug, and bingo bango. That’s if you have a 7 way on the tow vehicle.


Depends on price. Thing including trailer prob only weighs about 1500. Should be able to pull w/o brakes easily unless you’re using a go cart.


Or have any intention of towing water.


@Donut Towing with a Ford Transit 350, no hitch installed as of yet. Yes, I do need it and everything is plumbed, which is huge to me, plus has chem tank, softwash setup.
@squidskc Not planning on towing water. That cost to install is very reasonable.
@Racer Price is right. At what weight does one start to think about brakes?


You wont need brakes towing with that .

Edit: brakes will save you, never a bad investment. But unless you are hauling that tote full then you will have no issues at all.


This is just general stuff. I’m sure there are specifics for Fords and for that trailer, but even though it’s a light trailer that one time you may have to haul water might be worth it.


Ok, thanks guys. Just a little skittish about the safety.


Nah man… hook it up and hammer down.

Hope deal works out for ya.


99.9% you’re fine. I haven’t towed mine with brakes and it’s a 6x12 with a larger machine and I carry a full chem tank and 75 gallons which is where I like to buffer from. There’s probably 1000 lbs on the trailer at any given time and it weighs 750.

No real problems.

I do know that when I was a contractor my 7 x 14 trailer had brakes, often hauled less weight, and it was just a lot nicer to tow down hills and last minute stop lights.


Before I got my new trailer I was pulling nearly 5000 lbs w/o. But was a little hairy sometimes if I had to stop quick.


If you know how to drive…brakes will not be necessary on the minuscule amount of weight.

The need for brakes is greatly exaggerated on these small trailers.


that’s the only part that freaks me out a bit. We’ve got a lot of lake neighborhoods with a lot of turns, roads that can barely fit two cars, a lot of blind spots, and typically one side that falls into the oblivion. That’s the only time I really regret not having brakes on mine.


I currently have a 5 x 10 trailer, single axle and no breaks. Like Squid and Racer said, It stinks on quick stops. My new trailer which I just got a text about just came in today. will pick up this weekend (6’10" x 14’) has two axles and brakes on one of the axles.


LOL, that’s because you live where a mountain is a 3’ pile of dirt.