Trailer vinyl ideas?

What should I include on my trailer besides the logo? Any tips or do/do nots?

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Phone # , website, services you offer. Keep it easy to read.

John Devine.

I think “Licensed and Insured” and a better business bureau logo seem to make things look legit.

That’s what I did, it isn’t cluttered and it works.

I wouldn’t put BBB anything on anything related to my business. That’s just me though.

I agree with the other comments other than to add…Make sure it is consistent with your other marketing materials. You want your trailer signage to have the same look, feel, color, & layout to be similar to your biz card, website, brochures, doorhangers and so on.

By doing this you’re being consistent in “Branding” your business, and makes it easier for customers to identify & remember who you are and what you do.

Thanks guys!! Awesome ideas. I will be using a enclosed trailer so I have alot of space to use

Awesome designs! Thanks for the visual.

Include your website and phone number for sure!