Trailer swaying, front loaded

So, I had no on board water, but was still heavily loaded on front of trailer. 80 % weight on the tongue. Any speed over 50 mph and I had sway back and forth. The washer (250 lbs) was on one side of trailer.
10 foot trailer, had about 700 lbs on the front and nothing in the back or middle. Why am I getting sway above 50 mph? I removed all tanks and reels to transport a front loaded motorcycle and my 8gpmwasher were up front.

Your only supposed to have 10-15% of the weight on the tongue? Ur 65-70% overweight could be the problem.

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You’re supposed to have the bulk of the weight in the middle. Otherwise, the wheels act as a pivot point for all of the weight to dance around. Low tongue weight is only one factor in problems with trailer stability.

Essentially, you want the weight to not be pivoting away from the axles when you get a little sway or go around a corner, but instead track closely with the wheels. You have to think of the inertia that is created by the mass moving side to side.

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