Trailer Signs

Show off your Trailer Sign.

How often do you get walk up customers while you are at a house because of your trailer sign.

Here is one that a contractor submitted and I modified.

Sean, the owner, did the center of the design.

Off our wc vans, we usually get an inquiry or two a week, and those just have vinyl lettering. Ill try and find a pic.

Ive been looking into designs for my 14ft enclosed.

Havent fallen in love with anything. I know im gonna stay away from a wrap. To me, they always look very busy.

I really like this sign idea for open trailers. Tim is great to work with.

nothing to fancy but pulls couple jobs a month, especially on commercial work where we are in a parking lot.

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Here’s one of our trailers.

Anybody else not able to see guys picture or is it just my stupid phone again

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Get one of them smart phones.

My iPhone 5 isn’t as smart as it thinks it is

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What’s wrong, Did you upset Siri?

Yep which isn’t hard to do, I mean she is a women after all

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It’s not just while you are at the house. You are a rolling billboard. Everywhere you drive lots of potentials are going to see you.

That’s what truck Graphics are for…Lol!

Branding Your Business 24/7/365 Is What It’s All About!!!

Amen Brother Ben!

I recently completed some vehicle graphics for Doug Rucker. The layout is basic but bold. Simple but effective.

Some of his words about the graphics;

"The truck signage has paid for itself in both the cost for the signage, and what I paid for installation, within the first week.

I received more calls in the first two weeks from my new truck trailer signage, than I did with the old signage all of last year."

Doug goes on to say;

“If you want your vehicle signage or yard signs to be HIGHLY visible, then I highly recommend Tim and”

What can I help you with today?

Buying a sign is almost like bartering. You buy the sign, someone sees it, you complete the job and your sign is paid for. The only thing it really costs you is the time on the job.

Then your sign goes to work for you free every day you are on the road. Cheaper than any employee. Cheaper than just about any other form of advertising.

Couldn’t agree more Tim!

I don’t own a “Personal Vehicle”, haven’t had one the last 8 years…One of these are the only thing I drive…

How are customers going to know you’re out there if you don’t show them? How are they going to remember you if you don’t keep your “Brand” in front of them? How do you expect the phone to ring if you don’t do the simplest of things to make it ring?

What does your “Branding” say about what you do and who you are?..

“We’re A Professional Company That Knows What We’re Doing” …Or…

“I’m A Guy With A Truck & Pressure Washer”

What message are you sending your customers?

Just Saying…

Not a trailer but it does show the use of some service panels that I offer. We have panels available for Roof, Siding, Concrete, Brick, Windows and more, depending on what you want your vehicle to represent.

I love the stuff that GuyB rolls with but I’m trying to give an option that maybe isn’t quite as, shall we say, rich? as his.

That is a nice job Tim. I like it. It also allows for several options depending on how you want to arrange it.

I like that Tim!

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People Can’t Hear You When You Whisper…You Gotta Shout!..Remember, You’ve Got To Be Visible!!!

Seriously, truck graphics are a way of branding and marketing where ever you go. Not taking advantage of a rolling billboard to promote your business makes no sense to me…You don’t want customers to know who you are? You don’t want customers to call you? You don’t want customers to remember you?

Get Visible!

I would have to vote that Guy has one of the best looking trailer signs out there.