Trailer setup help

I’ve been surfing this forum every night for a couple weeks now. I have tried to soak up all the knowledge possible, but with that being said I’m posting this looking for help!

I have been washing for 3 years now, I’ve done 80 percent commercial and 20 percent residential. I have been working from a 42 foot bucket truck hauling an enclosed trailer. I have 10k plus invested in equipment alone. I have no large washing companies in my area to learn from. I have done 800k plus in work so far, with nothing other than portable (drag around) pressure washers and a backpack sprayer full of bleach. Up until I found this forum I had no clue I could spray cleaner 40 foot up in the air onto the building lol.

Now with the introduction over, to the topic at hand. I’ve landed a very large commercial contract to wash 9 four stories office buildings, and I’m wanting to build a trailer setup to help speed up this project. I’d like to find someone that would help me with advice for this trailer build. (I will compensate for your time and knowledge) I would also do a thread for people to follow. I’m looking to start ASAP (tomorrow) and funds are available immediately.

Thanks in advance

Tyler (256) 651-5925

@PWProducts @Racer @squidskc @Patriotspwashing these guys would be of service

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I’ll be glad to help, no charge. There’s a ton of trailer info here if you’re looking for set ups and most will work.

If you have a Landa dealer near, they can built you a trailer.

We’ve got two houses tomorrow, but after 4:00 central feel free to call.



Thank you a ton for your willingness to help. And I unfortunately don’t have a Landa dealer around me

Where are you located?

North Alabama

Gotta be some places around huntsville

Trailer places? There are a couple… pressure washing equipment 1 and I’m not very confident in them

Loaded up and headed to see @squidskc


Travel safe! Looking forward to it!

He can correct me if I’m wrong but I’m under the impression he’s going to do a trailer build thread that should be pretty informative for the newer guys if any of y’all are interested! Picked up a new 8.5x16 Wednesday dropped it off at line-x Thursday morning to have the floor and 4 feet up the sides sprayed. Picked it up this afternoon and now headed to KC

You’re correct. Took the week off for it.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler and his super lovely wife, Jesse, and we went to the best bbq joint on the planet, Arthur Bryant’s. (It’s the best. I’ll fight that to the death.) I got to show him my set up and the shop and tiny 8 x 10 office where the magic happens and learn a little bit about his family and business.

And I enjoyed the heck out of it. I appreciate his trust in bringing up a new 8.5’ x 16’ enclosed and freshly Line X’d trailer to build for his business.

Tyler’s jobs require him to run 5 machines at a time typically on a single building and I’m excited to give him something he can knock out jobs in record time.

I’m so pumped to be building this week despite loving the washing part a bunch too. Thanks Tyler and Jesse! Hope the dogs didn’t wear ya out!


For only knowing someone through a couple phone calls and several text messages I feel like we’ve been friends forever.

Thank you for all your knowledge and help with all of this. Y’all have a lovely place and we enjoyed our couple of hours with y’all. I’m looking forward to following the build thread. And that was by far the best bbq I’ve had in long time (probably ever)

I learned more in a 30 minute tour of Brodie’s setup than I have in the two weeks I’ve been scrolling the website. Dude is full of knowledge. The forum is lucky to have him as a member


Thanks man. That means a lot. Hope you guys made it to St. Louis. 2 hours ago we had a tornado warning here in KC right after we talked about it.

Emma’s still messing with me after you said I small fan following on the forum. That’s the most I’ve ever spoken about pressure washing. She didn’t know I knew that much about anything that isn’t carpentry and two years ago she would’ve told you a carpenter lays carpet. Lol


Get a room


Good people here… lots of PMs, texts, calls, etc. are dealt with from those that have the knowledge.

Hope trailer gets set up and get ready to rock and roll.

Jealous of the BBQ, i love a good bbq

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That’s Brodie, he answers any dumb noobie question I text him. Thanks @squidskc

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I like helping when I can. I got two texts from people in the forum while we were waiting for food. Lol

And if you’re ever in Houston I will take you to one the best BBQ spots in town

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