Trailer Parks


Anyone have much experience cleaning entire trailer parks? I put in a bid yesterday at $75 per unit just curious if my pricing is competitive.


Trailer parks by me have all different types of trailers. Some are mobile homes with vinyl, some are travel trailers metal or painted siding and some are aluminum. Way to many variables to account for and all have their own issues to contend with. Not good for simple washing my employee was used to. They also have horrible water pressure. You might think you’ll bang out 10 trailers in a row but in reality you get one then have to wrap up to drive a 100 yards to do another. Too much time wasted for too little money.


I don’t know anything about the competition in your area. All I know is, I’d have to wash a trailer every 20 minutes to hit my hourly goal at only $75 each.

I washed one badly neglected single wide trailer last fall that took me a whole hour.


Mostly vinyl a few painted metal mixed in. All single wides close together. Estimate washing 25-30 a day.


Sounds good to me, work hard AND smarter seems to come to mind.


$150 single 190 double


Work is work. Sounds good so long as you take note of what @BillC said as they are all valid points.


There are plenty of good folks in trailer parks, so this isn’t meant toward the people. But as a business owner… Stick to houses. Trailer parks aren’t good marketing, aren’t always safe to be in, and aren’t really conducive to making real money.

There’s exceptions to every rule, but they’re rare.

On the bright side, there’s likely at least one trailer in every park with enough bleach inside to stock up for the year…


Lol this isn’t the typical trailer park. A lot of it is student housing.


Definitely not a typical trailer park


What kind of crew do you have?

I could see washing 15-20 trailers like that in an 8 hour day, working solo. At that pace, I’d be pretty happy at $100 a unit. But happier at $125 :grin:

Will you be connecting to fire hydrants, or to the trailers’ spigots?


Here in Raleigh,NC we charge $70-$100 per unit


It’s me and one other person. There are water hookups between all trailers. Can use hydrant if the water pressure can’t keep up. May add another washer if I get the bid. It is a fairly large park.


Would you be able to upload a satellite image of the park? (Make sure to redact any street names :wink:)

We might be able to help you with a strategy for washing as efficiently as possible. I always find that sort of discussion enlightening, regardless the outcome.

Hose management is going to get tiring. It’ll feel like you’re moving hoses just as much as you’re washing. Hooking up to the hydrants may be worth it for the sole purpose of having to move one less hose as often.


I’ve never bid a trailer park or washed a trailer but your price sounds fair at 2/hr.