Trailer is finally done!

Here she is, fresh from the graphics place!

My wife said we should just take it to work every day regardless of what is scheduled, it’s nice having some extra room in there for groceries.:laughing:


Looks nice!

Make sure and pull the magnets off the 4Runner and clean the paint underneath frequently. Otherwise it’ll destroy the paint job.


Thank you!

Funny you say that, for some reason the 4runner’s paint will lighten underneath the magnet, and takes about a week for it to blend back in once I take it off.🤷🏼

That paint probably has metal flake embellishments in it. The magnets change the orientation of the flecks to the lighting, and make it look different. It’s how they make those color-changing cars…at least that’s what the coffee table book in the Holiday Inn Express lobby said, I swear!

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Looks great, how has it been working out of that size, looking to upgrade myself?

Looks great, Brock. I’m sure in six months you’ll be wanting to rearrange it again lol it never fails.

Oh I’m sure. No matter how hard I try to think ahead there’s always something that needs tweaking.

I’ll let you know in a couple months, I’m just thrilled to have a side door, 2.5 extra feet and almost able to stand up inside!

It would have been much easier to find a 6x10 but some of the roads here are barely wide enough for a truck.

Very nice Brock.

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After 300k miles I just got rid of my Taco and got a 4runner. I feel a little less manly not driving a truck, but it’s growing on me.


Let’s see some inside pics too Brock!! Looks really nice. Thanks for the help you’ve given me.

I’ll get some pics soon once my new hose reel and 12v is installed.

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Well said and recommended. I learned that the hard way.