Trailer Builds We’ve Completed

Some trailers we’ve built recently. The color raptor lined are always fun.


@TexasPressureWashing Those are some nice looking trailers Heath. Well done. What are the dimensions and who is the manufacturer? So all of the metal has Raptor lining on it, it isn’t painted?

Trailers are 6x12 Ranch King Brand.

Yes we sand, prime, and raptor line them.


These are beautiful

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Are those poly tanks for water reservoir, with giant dump valves in front of the wheels so they can be drained before towing?

Yes they are.

An aluminum build we just finished.


What would you say are pros and cons of the aluminum trailer rig? Compare the aluminum to the steel in all aspects; Quality, weight, price, longevity, payload capacity, etc. Thanks Heath.

Open to hear opinions from anyone. I know the arguments of price and welds. Just curious about those that have run them in the field, built them, etc. Thanks all.

I haven’t run one so I can’t say. They won’t rust like a steel trailer.