Trailer build and paint

Before i go bashing and prying on things. Has anyone took these off before to take the gate off. My goal is to keep them on so i can put the gate back on if i ever decide to sell otherwise i would grind the wields off and be done with it.

Should just slide off the pins. If not, try a mallet to dislodge it.

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that what i was thinking but they are both on the inside so you cant go left or right. Im just going to grind it off because im going to take these off too.
Ill just wield them back when i go to sell.

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If they put them on in opposite directions then you’re right, probably need to remove one at least.


You should just have to grind 1 of the zerk side off. Then the gate pin should slip out of other side.

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Ya thats what im thinking. Ill grind one off when i get time.

High school just finished my trailer. Looks great. Only cost me $75 but i gave them $100 away. They welded it better than the trailer manufacturer.

Now for the build :cry: jk i love trailer builds​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Looking good!

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Thinking about putting a half ladder rack on this thing i have this one for the truck so i didnt have it wielded on there the last time.
But it would be nice to have on trailer to hang things on.


Trailer ladder rack is way better than truck rack. When you have the trailer hooked up trying to get a ladder down from the truck its a pain with the hitch in the way.

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It’s looking great. Your traffic cone might be a little bit too big for what you’ll be using it for. I wouldn’t want to move that thing around everyday…haha

That ladder rack could be a good idea. I just wonder if it might make it a little tougher mounting stuff being that the tube is round? I’m sure there are ways around it though. It would definitely make it a little easier getting ladders off of it compared to a ladder rack on the truck. You’re still a young buck though so you have a few years before you have to worry about things like that.

If you ever feel the need for a bigger fuel tank there are ways that you can get your Honda to run a pulse type fuel pump so you can pull fuel from an external tank mounted on the trailer floor. Just a thought so you don’t have to worry about running out during longer jobs.

You’ve been busy but it’s all coming together. Nice work!

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@Donte55 @marinegrunt
Ya that is true. Ill probably go ahead and have that done while nothing is hard mounted yet.

And as far as the fuel tank goes. I plan on getting a hot water 8gpm unit in the future so ill worry about it then. A full tank with this small honda engine last me 3 hours so it has been a issue for me. Letting the engine cool down in between fueling is my lunch time lol.

I dont use that cone​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: im just a hoarder.

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Looking good dude.

Thanks! Did i buy that tachometer from you or did i say i would wait? I thought i did but i cant find it anywhere.

no, sent you a text

Very nice. :+1:

Hoarding traffic cones joy lol. I could use that thing the way people drive around here

I want to be like grizz when I (my company) grow up! :grinning:


Sooo @Grizz have you figured out a name for your trailer build yet?:grin:.

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