Trailer Balancing

Does this trailer look balanced to you guys? Up front I have the pressure washer and two hose reels. One with 150ft of Pressure hose and 100ft of garden hose. 65 gallon leg tank in the middle. On the back I have a roof pump setup, and the tank directly behind it is where I plan to keep my roof mix. Im also wanting to see if I can keep a 55 gallon drum of SH strapped in the open area at the back of the trailer next to the roof setup. Thoughts? I’m worried I’m going to be too heavy on the back, and possibly end up with too light a tongue. I’m just struggling to find a good layout.

I just upgraded trailers, and so this is really a 5x8 setup on a 12ft tandem axle. Once I get a few more jobs I’m going to upgrade to a much larger water tank.

Nice looking trailer! Congratulations on the upgrade!

I think your left side will be too heavy with the PW, toolbox and a 55 of SH.

Why not center PW, water tank, roof wash tank and then 55 of SH. Then put your 12v setup facing curb. Totes with chemicals and misc on left side. Then you can move the line of heavy stuff front to back to get your weight split 60/40.

Thank you! I was happy to get it! It sure beats the 5x8 carry on I had haha. That is a good idea about centering everything. I mainly didn’t want to center the pressure washer because that would eliminate storing anything to the left of it due to the exhaust. Unless I kept it low that is, which is a possibility (Milk crates, cones, etc…). I will certainly need to do some more thinking about the layout.

The PW off center isnt as big a concern as staggering everything else of unequal weights. You could leave the PW where it is and move something of equal weight to the right front corner. Maybe the toolbox depending on what you have in it.

Try parking on a flat level surface and compare the ride height of both front corners to eachother and both rear corners to eachother to make sure it’s not leaning left or right or onto one corner.

Thanks for the tip! I appreciate it!

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I think you’re probably fine like it is. You could maybe slide the tool box forward a little, maybe a foot, that would let you slide drum of bleach a little further forward. I can tell by your layout that you like things symmetrical which I can appreciate. You could also re-orient stand for roof reel along side where reel is facing same as others and either put mix tank beside or slide a little further forward. Speaking of reel, I’d make that roof one a water reel and get an aluminum from roof system. !00’ of water line not much if you’re doing larger homes and you’re parking on street.

Double axle trailers, especially 12’ are not going to be nearly as pivot sensitive as a single axle. One easy way to find out is get a couple of friends or neighbors (long as all of you weigh 550 lbs) to stand with you on rear corner and see what happens. Bet you it won’t budge it like you have.

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Hey @Racer thanks for all of the feedback. I totally agree on the reel for the roof system. I just got this roof setup in order to do a job this weekend. I have a tight budget so this reel will have to work for a little while until I can upgrade.

I only have 100ft of supply line on the reel, but I keep two 50ft sections in the bed of the truck incase I need them. So far I have only needed it once. I didn’t have room on my old trailer for bigger reels. Here soon though, the goal is to upgrade to all new matching reels that have much larger capacities.

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