Trailer and Hose Question

Hello. New to the forum. Have done a little work thus far. Not used a trailer setup yet. I am looking to build my first trailer. Plan on using a BE Belt Driven 5gpm 3,000psi skid with a Honda GX390 engine and a Triplex Comet Pump.

A 50 gallon buffer tank (don’t plan on driving with it full very often to keep the 400lb added weight down).

Also, probably try to setup a 10 gallon SH tank and a 5 gallon detergent tank.

Going to use two 100’ hose reels for now. One pressure and one water supply. My question is that most reels I’m seeing are shown for pressure wash hoses. Am I able to use any of these reels for a garden hose water supply and change out adapters or fittings?

Would someone possibly suggest what reels to use for this? I have seen that Titan reels are pretty much top of the line and may go with those. Want to make sure I have everything lined up before I go for it though.

I greatly appreciate any and all help.

Hannay reels are the best out there. You can absolutely use a pressure reel for a garden hose reel. That’s how all mine are set up. 100ft of pressure hose isn’t going to get you very far though. 200ft should be the minimum. Just use the garden hose reel to hold the hose. Pull off what you need and hook directly to the tank. You will get a lot more water flow that way.


I am probably going to be purchasing some new Hannay reels in the next fees days. If you look on the hannay website you can select hose with different inlets/manifolds to fit what you need. I think my plan was to get 2 with 3/4 inlets for my softwash and water line and then one for my pressure washer. I haven’t decided yet though if I will plumb up the pressure washer to run the pressure washer through the swivel or just pull off what I need.

I wanted all my reels to match just because I am OCD and I wanted to get electric reels so that made it harder. Many more options though if you did not need a 3/4 manifold.

Just get the E1526-17-18

I think that may be what was in my cart but can’t recall off the top of my head. Just seems a lot of brands don’t offer a larger inlet at least in an electric reel.

I have an 1800 series Hannay for the water supply. It has 1” manifold. The 1500 series has 1/2” which is fine for the power washer

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i have a cox reel for water supply also with 1in manifold and swivel.

We’ve had good luck with Kings aluminum reels seem to hold up way better than Titans.

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