Tractor / Heavy equipment

I have been wanting to start washing heavy equipment skid steer, bulldozer , dump trucks, ect. However, I have not seen much information on this. Does anyone have any suggestions on chemicals, techniques ect on how to start doing this? Thank you for any suggestions!

Hot water is a must. If you don’t have hot water don’t even try. Hot water plus a good degreaser and they’ll clean up nice. Wear your junkiest clothes cause you will be filthy. I’m sure the guys who regularly clean this stuff can stay clean but I leave covered in junk.


While there is money to be made, there is also a lot of time to be lost when cleaning heavy equipment. Alot of nooks and cranies, environmental issues with runoff, its dirty work and typically requires large holding tanks on site. If im selling them “I get everything off” im prolly using eacochem “plus”, otherwise im using heat and a good degreaser.