Tracker Dye

Has anyone ever cleaned tracker dye off of concrete or pavement? This stuff is used in lawn chemicals to help the person keep track of where they have been.

Another picture.

Not sure if it is the same, but I cleaned up a 5 gallon bucket of blue pond dye from a loading dock with bleach.

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I’d try just running over with surface cleaner to see if it would knock off and dilute enough not to be noticeable. Rinse well.

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Only worry I would have with that is it spreading the mess. If it’s concentrated it may start running down hill across folks drives staining the entryway. A reclaim unit would certainly fix that lol


The funny thing is on the second picture I just did her driveway and sidewalk about 2 weeks ago. The drain is about 25 feet away. The first picture she said she poured house hold bleach and coke on it, so I think you all are right with so heavy SH and agitation it will come up.

I believe that’s the same dye that the landscapers all use in S.W. Florida too. They mix it with herbicides. I guess I’d be careful around the grass at the edge of the road in case it had already been mixed.

Fire hose and rinse it away.

Its a water base dye.

Shouldn’t be anything permanent in it.

A good heavy rain would prob do it.


Correct… It is a water base dye and herbicides are usually mixed with it. If @Knighthawk55 is going to rinse it from the street he just wants to be careful not to let it splash onto the grass at the edge of the road. That grass would be history. Just my 2 cents worth.

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I would’nt use SH because that will clean the street and leave a clean spot. That dye will fade with rain and Sun in a few days, but if they will pay you to rinse, then by all means do it. Just rinse with plenty of water, any remnant will fade in a few days


I agree with DoubleH. I use the blue tracking dye when blanket spraying certain herbicides on our lawn. Whenever I use it I always get over spray on the edge of the driveway and the rain eventually takes care of it.


I agree with @DoubleH and @marinegrunt that the blue will fade away in a couple weeks with rain, sunshine, and time. My concern was that’s a lot of dye and that means a lot of herbicide. The dye won’t hurt the grass… the herbicide mixed in it will.

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Grass shouldn’t be affected, there’s a six inch tall vertical curb

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Just a little update. I washed the area with just water. Driveway came clean, but I had just cleaned it the week before. The street which is asphalt was a little more. After washing it with water with no luck, I used straight SH from a pump up sprayer. I told the customer to let it sit and see what happens. I knew it was going to rain in the next couple of days. Checked it today and there was no sign of the blue dye. Lesson learned, Asphalt is nasty dirty. Thanks for all the help.



Did you get an after pic?

I will. I wanted the road to dry out more.

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Got a call to clean pond dye at ups. They said it was paint. Went over it with just hot water and it spread like wildfire. Came back with the reclaim system and got it handled, but this stuff is a pain! After foolishly trying degreaser we put sh on it and it helped a lot. Reclaim was a must because the big concern was it going into the storm drains. If it’s safe for fish in a pond it’s safe for a storm drain, but chlorinated water is not. A 36” circle and a few smaller parts took 3 hours to deal with (not counting the 2 hours day before with no reclaim). First day I hit it with a turbo nozzle (gently) and thought I got a lot of it off. Next day looked like I wasn’t even there.

This is the next day after I thought I got a lot of it off.

I had blue dye that leaked all over a duplex drive, similar to that; honestly the only thing that helped was SH and some degreaser but mainly the SH heavy pretreat, clean, then heavy post treat

I found out from my fountain in my yard that pond dye will literally disappear if any SH goes into the fountain. I occasionally put some of my HW mix into it to keep it clean. This year I decided to try and dye it blue for a new look. Looked great, then like normal I added a bit of HW to it and it instantly went clear! Waited until the next day, added more blue, turned clear again.

Interesting. What’s the active ingredient in this dye?