Tough one, lol

Been asked to clean the buildings and equipment using only their environmental approved cleaners :confused:

I have a pretty good idea what to do and as quick as I can ;>)

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I would first at least look at what chemicals they have. Do a test using their chemicals and then set expectations of results.

How can SH not be environmentally friendly? It literally degrades into salt and water, right? Both of which are 100% naturally occurring.

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I would have a look at their list of chems. If any of it contains quats, I would seriously try and talk them out of using that in favor of the much more environmentally friendly SH.

What is this?

Googled it and this was the second picture on there. Sounds safe.


To many constraints with this one, need at least 5 mil in insurance, plus industrial equipment is not in our wheelhouse.

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Quaternary ammonium compounds. It’s what’s used in Wet & Forget and similar products.

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Ah, well you know what they say…walk away.

Where is this job located maybe someone on the forum can handle or work with you to complete

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We are in gainesville fl.

I do quats every Monday at the gym. I don’t think they are that bad.


The last time I tried to do squats I threw my back out for 2 weeks. That’s when I realized I needed to get my core strength back before I try any lower body stuff.

I pulled a rib once at an all you can eat bbq. Felt like I got stabbed :frowning:


Proofreading is crucial sometimes…


Proofreading is fort he birds


That’s a lot of birds.

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Well, we know it didn’t happen at a steakhouse lately.

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What the heck you talking about :confused:

That’s cold, still sore from not going!

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