Touchless RV/camper cleaning?


Anyone have experience washing RVs? We washed about 30 yesterday for a new client to prep them for a show. Took ages. Had to brush really hard to get the black streaks off, especially on the metal sided ones. The owner was happy though and wants us to wash his entire lot of 160+ campers every month. Of course I want to figure out a way to do this without brushing because, well that would suck and take way too long.

Any advice would be great. I’ve thought about trying to just softwash them like a house but that seems like it could be disastrous.


I think one first wash might require brushing but then you can do a filtered water wash like they do at dealerships


Contact your local fleet wash Chem store, or call Hydro Chem out of Grand Rapids MI, ask for Chad. He will give you good advice on what to use. A soap I use called power solve, is actually made to remove black streaks from RVs.


Haha that’s funny you should mention Chad, he’s actually my sales rep at Hydro Chem. He’s great. He originally recommended using my Film Fighter, which worked but had to brush very heavily and wouldn’t remove all the streaks. I gave him a call in the middle of the job last Friday and he recommended some things I didn’t have on hand. I was planning on reaching out to him again this week to see if he had something more specialized since I’ll be washing 1500+ RVs this year (lol). I’ll ask him about Power Solve.

Honestly though, I suspect that they might have waxed over some of these black streaks, because some of them would come right off with a wipe of my finger, and then some of them wouldn’t budge with straight degreaser and a brush.


Film fighter is great, caustic soap with water softener properties. On bare wood decks, I add hydroxide beads to it and Down Stream with good results.

Bare decks I use SH and power solve with a 12 volt.

There Citric pre soak and Blue Fusion acid are both great at neutralizing wood , easy to use…no mixing. DS

I’m headed up there at the end of the month to stock up for a few months…love trying there new soaps.

Fleet wash chemical suppliers are way ahead of the rest of the industry.


I dont have much to add to this thread. But I do work at the largest RV dealer in Kansas. We have a few things we do. Depending on situation they are hand scrubbing with soap and water. That usually removes the black streaks. If not they have a spray that gets it off. On motorhomes they use a big machine called Bitimec. All our soaps are made by a company down the street. Rinsing with RO water usually does the trick, but on the new full painted coaches it still water spots. So those get the shammie treatment.


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