Tote sloshing


The perferated pipe works well, what I use.


I carry about 60gl when i get to site.
2 hoses fill up the tote about 7gpm together.
When i start machine the tote is about 120gl
I dont ran up on water
So i am good.
That this answer your math question?


I do tons of homes with 1 spigot. How do you overcome this?


Here most homes have 2. One in front and one in the back.
Or one on the side and one in front.
These are standard homes.
Even old ones are that way
Bigger homes 5000+ sf have more


I’m working on my tank now. Using some sweet tricks I learned from this forum to instal a separate 2” drain line


Hey Alex, I actually logged out of the forum, but this popped up in my email. Feel free to text me anytime. 816-360-9733 or badfishbrodie on Voxer

In short though, it takes about 10-15 minutes if the house has cameras, etc. if it’s just a couple lights and an outlet on the front and back it takes 5 or less. Especially if the vinyl trim ring around the outlet pops off and I can put a bag over it and snap the trim ring back in place to hold it.

Long version:

  1. Cones go out around truck and sidewalk where hoses will be. 30 secs.
  2. Inlet hose to faucet, male gatorlock on the faucet (faster than trying to thread a hose on for some reason) water on. 30-60 secs.
  3. Taping, bagging, before pics: 5-15 minutes depending on if I have to ladder to cameras or something other than a few lights and cameras need bagged, start in the back and work my way to the front so I can start pulling hose off and soaping the shaded side around to the back. I usually soap 2 sides at a time on the first run if it’s shaded well. If it’s sunny and all is relatively clean minus gutters and soffits, I soap only those and then rinse backward so I can wet the side that didn’t get fully soaped.
  4. At 1% SH and very little Elemonator each side takes less than 7 minutes to soap and rinse for an average 2 story suburban house. I take after pics while I’m there.
  5. If the west or east end is algae free but dusty, it doesn’t get soap. Usually just the downspout because there’s usually black spots strangely. Dust gets rinsed down.

I stopped knocking when I first get there. I’ve found that 90% or better of my customers aren’t even home and they all get an On My Way text from HCP. So I’ll knock when I’m done to see if they want to do a walk around.

At this point 3 sides, maybe even 2 are only getting soaped. The law of averages are in my favor if I don’t soap the sunniest side especially if it’s oxidized but just dirty.

Around front doorways and porches I knocked down wasps nest stems with a rounded scraper I keep in my back pocket. If it’s taller than I can reach the extension pole gets dropped off in the grass as I’m walking and taping.

Lighter colored houses I know I’m going to have to deal with fallout so I know they’re going to take an extra 15-20 minutes, but I’m going to get some onerestore based on your suggestion.

The goal is, touch it once. No rework. Don’t go back to a side if you’ve already been there. And if you can reasonably park in such a manner to pull all the pressure hose straight off the reel through the back yard and all the way around the house, I feel like I won the lottery. That’s a <1 hour house.

Side 1, back, side 2, and then front with as little hose pulling as necessary.

At this point, I’m driving more than I’m washing.


Which perforated pipe are you referring to?


As to how the drainage pipe gets cleaned when its time? I have a sewer jetter hose Ill use for that.


The one in the video.