Tote sloshing

I’ll be starting on my trailer build today. I’ve been doing a ton of research and feel fairly confident that it will come out good. At this point I’m just looking for tweaks and tricks and I ran across this video. Has anyone tried this or alternative solutions to sloshing?


Seems like a good idea. I just am curious about how you would clean out the tank if it was crappy.

I dont carry water, it is safer

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So what do you do then ? Just fill up at the customers house or ?

Yep. Yep

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Either pull full or empty. Full the sloshing isn’t bad just make sure you have brakes. Once we get through the winter we’re upgrading to 525 gallons

How many GPM you running? I would be at a house 3-4 hours if i had to wait on the tank to get full enough for me to start. if its half full when I start I can usually do half the house before I start pulling air. that’s a good point for 15 min break.


2600sf home 50 min to 60

that wasn’t what I asked. If you are running 8gpm and have to get 50-100 gallons in the tank before you can run and are at a house putting out 4-5 gpm you are waiting 20 minutes for water. Yea you can start sooner but you will pull air within a few minutes and have to stop.

I’m buying a brand newish dodge with the Hemi, once that happens I will probably upgrade trailer to a tandem with a big ibc, and 8gpm machine.

Whoops wrong thread sorry. Lol.

I carry about 60gl with me.
That is as safe as i can feel

Oh… forgot to mention.
I use 2 hoses to fill tank up

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That still wasn’t what he asked lol

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Then i am lost.
No idea what u asking.
First thing i do is hook water.
Then my mix
Then unreel hose.
Then foam


how many gallons per minute is your machine… That is the sole factor in how soon you can start a job with empty or near empty tank.

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I forgot yesterday to put at least 100 gallons in my tank at the end of the day when I parked the truck at the shop. This morning I got to a super easy two story house I did last year, told my employee with me that this should only take us 30 minutes to wash.

Well took me about 20 minutes just to get enough water to start lol

I couldn’t imagine doing that at every job

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Right? If I’m not up and washing in 5 minutes I’m going crazy!

Wait until you run two man crews . If you don’t show up full your going to be waiting a while. Nothing gets on my nerves more that doing nothings. But it happens every day I do residential and I leave in the morning with 500gallons

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Hey @squidskc, how long does it take you from the time you pull up to a job to the time you start washing? I know you’re very thorough about taping outlets, bagging lights, etc.

I’m still refining my workflow and setup, but right now it takes me around 15 minutes to start washing after I hookup to the water and start filling my buffer tank.

When I’m soaping I’m not spraying non-stop, so by the time I’m ready to start rinsing, my buffer tank is usually full on even the slowest wells. I empty my 55 gallon drum to 3 gallons or less between jobs.